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Some tips of 'what to do' for an enjoyable wedding day

Remember by planning ahead there is less chance of stress or pressure,  and you will have happy memories as a 'A Vision of Pure Elegance'.

Tips for your day

  • Plan for an enjoyable time the night before, as this will be part of your memories to keep forever. Perhaps you can check your garments and jewellery, underwear and shoes, before the last minute,and if adjustments are needed you will feel, ready.
  • Check that you have prepared your hair the day before as recommended by your stylist which means often washing it prior to the day. If you have a massage the day before, wash your hair well after it, as oil can leave a residue, making your hair floppy.
  • On the day of your wedding and before your hair and makeup is done, be ready by showering and wearing a button through, or strapless top, or robe for ease of removal.
  • Start the day off with a nourishing breakfast, as all brides need that extra energy to survive what can be a long day. It is a good idea to nominate a friend or family member to prepare light snacks, drinks, water, fruit platters and small bite sized sandwiches to be eaten before cleaning your teeth for your makeup.


Tips for your day

  • Limit champagne and alternate with water to prevent headaches or light-headedness. It is not a good look to see the bride fall off her shoes!
  • Relaxing music can soothe the nerves and limit the guests who think it is alright to drop in at this time. It can become rather noisy which can put you on edge.
  • Bring items like a silk scarf, if you need to put the gown over your head, scissors to cut labels, tags and what your veil was hanging up with. Have a helper check the areas for photos: bedroom, lounge, garden, and balcony, are kept tidy, as it is easy for it to look like a bombsite has hit.
  • Pack your ‘JUST IN CASE KIT’ for your ceremony/photo session. Have an esky with cold drinks at photo time for all the party. A good job for the guys. Be sure to include, hairpins if you remove your veil, lipstick, and powder for touch up and tears. The ‘something old and borrowed’ hanky comes in handy when secured to your bouquet, a comb and a small travel size hairspray, (if an out doors wedding,) small perfume and deodorant if it is melting outside, tissues, a few bandaids, sanitary protection, headache and antihistamine pills are also worthwhile. This can be shared in small elegant bags amongst the bridal party. Also add to a plastic bag, a wet chux, and small towel to clean sand, mud or grass off shoes and the train of your dress.
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